Suya Can Give You Cancer – Aproko Doctor

Nigerian physician Chinonso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor has warned people against eating suya.

According to him, Suya causes cancer.

The doctor explains the process and instruments used in making the snack are unhygienic and bad for health when the meat is roasted.

Using elaborate medical terminologies, he explained how and why the damages are caused.

He also gave advice on alternate ways to eat meats.

He tweeted: “I know you think I’m here to remove the last piece of joy in your life but there is no easy way to do this. Suya can give you cancer.

“When you burn meat over open flames, it creates chemicals known as polycyclic, aromatic, hydrocarbons or heterocyclic imines. These particular compounds may get activated by certain enzymes in your body that ends up damaging your DNA. Damage to this DNA- cancer.

On safer ways to eat meat, he said: “Ensure that your meat is not cooked over open flames. You can air fry your met, or grill it in the oven when it is not over open flames.


“Remove the burnt side of the meat because they are exposed. They contain higher concentration of these compounds. Eat smaller portions of grilled meat.”

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