Meet Yul Edochie’s 2nd Wife and Actress Judy Austin: How He Went From Her Movie Director to Husband

Nigerian actress Judy Austin may not have been a household name in the past but she is sure to shoot into sudden limelight over her relationship with veteran actor, Yul Edochie.

Edochie, who has been known to be the epitome of morals on social media, recently unveiled Judy as his second wife and it raised mixed reactions from his numerous fans.

The actor’s first wife and the mother of his four kids, May Edochie, also did not seem to take the news well going by her reaction on social media.

Judy whose real name is Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith is from Umuoji in Idemilli North, Anambra state.

The actress however did not start her career as a filmmaker or imagine that she would be on TV screens. In several interviews in the past, Judy noted that she had nursed dreams of becoming a model or a musician.

She also explained that even though the modelling aspect seemed to work for her, the music part never quite clicked despite her having a good voice and writing her own songs.

Judy gave acting a shot after she met an actor and movie director named Sylvester Mmadu in 2013. According to her, he gave her her first movie role in his film called Secret of the Riches. Sylvester had auditioned her with his camera after convincing her to give acting a try.

Judy had decided to produce her own movie for the first time and it was called Native Girl. Edochie happened to be the director of the movie and the actress obviously placed him highly, going by how she spoke about him in interviews.

She had informed Edochie of her plan to produce a movie and he encouraged her to get a good story for them to work on. In an interview with The Sun, Judy had described the actor as ‘one in a million’.

In the same interview, Judy had described working with him on Native Girl as her most memorable moment as an actress because it was a challenging one.

In the past, before becoming Mrs. Yul Edochie, Judy made it known that she did not see marriage as an achievement. According to her, it is a blessing to marry someone because of love and not for social media.

The actress also once opened up on how she does not believe in jumping from one man to the other because it is better to have just one and not give oneself out to every man who crosses her path.

In her words:

“I don’t believe in jumping from one man to the other. I’m a relationship kind of person. I believe in having someone, a man that you do this thing with, not giving it out to all men that cross your path at the same time. You do whatever that works for you. On relationship, I love relationship, it’s how I’m created. If a relationship doesn’t work out for you, you can decide to break up and get hooked again or give yourself a break. Relationship is not all about sex or emotional things. I love to have normal relationship with intellectual people, people I can learn from. So anything “relationship” with the right person is a welcome idea.

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