“It’s no one’s business” – Yul Edochie says he can marry 100 wives in one day

Yul Edochie has released a video calling out all those who criticised him for impregnating his colleague and taking her as a second wife.

The married father revealed last month that he and actress Judy Austin Muoghalu welcomed a son.

This came as a shock to Nigerians who were sympathetic to his wife May Yul Edochie, the mother of 4 of his kids, so he was criticised by many.

He has now released a video to address the criticisms he’s received.

The actor said he’s a grown man and can make decisions about his life and no one has the right to judge him for it.

He added that he can decide to “marry hundred women in one day” and it will be nobody’s business.

“Shame on all of you,” he told those criticising him.

He added that people are doing worse.

He said there are married men and women who have children with people who are not their spouses and they keep it hidden. He also said there are priests and pastors who have children and hide it, yet he’s getting called out for owning up.

He added that he is a man of integrity for owning up.

He also pointed out that Nigerians focus on trivialities, instead of issues that affect the country.

He said this is why the Nigerian leaders don’t take the citizens seriously.

He asked how his personal life affects Nigerians and revealed that he owes no one an explanation.

He said the only person he has to explain to is his wife May Yul Edochie.

Watch the video below.

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