‘Do We Still Have a Commander in Chief?’ — PDP Youth Group

Following the attacks on the Kaduna Airport and the Abuja-Kaduna railway, the Umbrella Force, the largest online support group in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has questioned whether Nigeria still has a Commander in Chief.

In a statement issued from its national headquarters in Abuja, the group stated that President Muhammadu Buhari has been acting disinterested regarding the security situation in the country.

The statement read:

The harrowing tales of the incessant attacks by bloodthirsty terrorists in recent days calls to question: Do we still have a Commander-in-Chief? Has he forgotten his campaign promises on securing lives and property as well as putting an end to terrorism?

Nigerians are just recovering from the shock that these terrorists shutdown the Kaduna airport, leaving passengers in panic. It has not even been a week, on the 28th of March, 2022, calamity struck the Abuja-Kaduna railway line. Some victims are hospitalized, others lost their lives, while some have been unaccounted for. Among the victims are young Nigerians with lofty dreams for the future of the nation. Some have already been in service to the nation in one capacity or another. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.

We have not also recovered from the events of the railway line and these same terrorists struck the train station in Kaduna the very next day (29th March, 2022). Is this the new normal in the country? Again, we ask, do we still have a Commander-in-Chief? Life has become practically meaningless under the rudderless leadership of the Muhammadu Buhari’s APC-led administration. The President seems disinterested, distant, detached, oblivious and clueless towards the plight of citizens he swore an oath to protect. He finds it difficult to interact with the people he is supposed to lead. Nigerians will have to depend on his agents of misinformation as the words of the President. Even during times of crisis, times of mourning, when Nigerians are in pain, the President is still not available to show leadership and offer words of comfort in an attempt to soothe the wounds. Is this the kind of leadership Nigerians deserve? Is this the social contract Nigerians have with the President? The same man who was available to campaign and plead for votes during the 2015 elections. Suddenly, he decided to take the backseat at the expense of Nigerian lives and taxpayers’ money.

This is the same man, who ran helter-skelter all over the country promising heaven and earth to tackle insecurity in the country. In fact, the popular phrase was coined “Buhari will handle insecurity, Osinbajo will handle the economy.” None of these came to fruition. Just empty promises. The economy is in a dismal state. Life of the common man is several times harder. The middle class is basically nonexistent. President Buhari and his cronies in APC branded former President Goodluck Jonathan as inept, incompetent and other inglorious names. However, insecurity got worse from the moment President Buhari assumed office. Loss of life has become the order of the day under this administration. Children cannot go to school, farmers cannot go to farm and yet, the President is the man who cannot be moved. It seems they do not know a straight line can be drawn between security and economic growth. A retired Major-General, who terrorists under different aliases have run circles round him for the past seven years. It is no wonder Nigerians have lost the confidence in the President and cannot wait to see him leaving come 29th May, 2023.

If the President is bereft of ideas on how to tackle the insecurity that is far worse than when he met it, he should seek the counsel of past military minds and the opposition parties to come up with a plan. Remember, insecurity knows no party. Insecurity does not ask if you are APC or PDP or SDP or AAC or whatever. It comes for us all. The President should begin by declaring a state of emergency in Kaduna and other nearby hot zones in other to fish out the perpetrators of the carnage in the state these past few days.

Nigerians, you have a chance to determine the course of the future as we delve into the election season. It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that APC cannot keep us safe. APC cannot keep any promise. They have performed woefully in all ramifications. Therefore, you know that they are not worthy of your votes come 2023. They must be roundly defeated to create a peaceful and productive Nigeria. The Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more.


Tekena Alamina
Umbrella Force

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