Dj Dimple Nipple accuses D’Prince of demanding s3x for gig

Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Dimple Nipple has called out Afropop singer D’Prince, accusing him of trying to get into her pants.

Born Rachel Oluwabukola Martins, the 21-year-old claimed she was on her own when the record label owner messaged her on Instagram: “Hello dear, can I get a number to reach you to discuss some work.”

She said D’Prince whose real name is Charles Enebeli wanted promotions for his artistes, but, in a surprising move, DJ Dimple Nipple said he then asked her to come to a hotel for a meeting.

She said on Sunday she voiced her objection to the meeting and suggested a three-way call only for him to block her.

“If he did not have any bad intention then why did he block me after I agreed to the three ways call, why should I meet you in an hotel when there are thousands of places to meet you for a business chat. Why must it be an hotel and why did he block me after that?” she wrote on her Instastory.

DJ Dimple Nipple also shared screenshots of her conversations with 35-year-old D’Prince, writing alongside: “Like are you not an an!mal!? You think it’s every girl you see on Instagram that you can put your tiny p in?”

She also said: “Like why tf will you play with something that puts food on my table ? If you want s3x don’t you know Askamaya?”

“I’m so pained because I know how I have worked so hard to get to this stage and not with any muhfurkas helppppp,” she went on.

“Abeg tell me how do you expect people to grow when you must get in their pants before you can help them, I hate social media drama so much but its getting too much at this point.”

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