Blessing Okoro accuses her ex-husband of abuse

Blessing Okoro has shared a video from her wedding in 2009 while narrating how her ex husband allegedly beat her a day before her wedding and dragged her to the altar.


The mother-of-two, who got married at 19, said her ex-husband Lucky “took away” her “youth at 15 years” and abused her.


She alleged that he beat her in front of family and friends a day before their wedding and also continued beating her after their wedding.


She also claimed that her younger sister witnessed the day he beat her “to coma” just two weeks after their wedding and continued beating her unconscious body.


Blessing eventually divorced him 2 years later when she was 21 years old. Their divorce was eventually finalised in 2006.


The union produced a child. She said her ex has not provided 1 kobo for their son’s upkeep for 5 years.


She dared him to reply her so she can sue him for abuse and molestation.


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